Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"Teach The Class" Today!!!

Jared showed us how to make butterflies...we could even eat a part of them.  Yum...Yum...  They were REALLY cool to make and a great science idea that fit in with our real butterflies!!!  THANKS!!!

McKenzie showed us how to do the WOP.  It was really a fun kind of dance.  She is really AMAZING at these moves...she is in dance class!!!  Maybe she will come for Prowler Pride someday!!!

Brenna shared with us a topic that is very dear to her.  It is about  Juvenile Arthritis.  She shared a lot of information on what she has to do each day to take care of herself and how she has to take shots that are very painful at times.  She is a very BRAVE girl!!!  She and her family have raised over $22,000 for this very important cause  GO BRENNA!!!.  

Keigan and Parker are Prowler Wrestlers.  Today, they showed us many different moves on a wrestling mat and brought some of the equipment that they wear during events.  WOW, are they going to be good when they get bigger.  Maybe they will come for Prowler Pride sometime.  Go Prowlers...

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