Wednesday, May 24, 2017

"Teach The Class" Day...

Mikaleena and Braylee made SLIME for us yesterday.  They did an AMAZING job!  They were so organized and shared the entire experience with all their friends.  We need the recipe!!!

Brenna and her cape...sometimes she needs the "extra" bravery!!!
She shared this presentation with other third grade classes.  YEAH!!!

Jett taught us how to plant in our garden.  We are hoping to see a gourd start to grow before we leave school next week!  He was so organized and did a FANTASTIC job!!!  This is a great weekend to plant!!!

Olivia taught our class how to catch a softball.  She has been learning A LOT in softball practice.  She did a GREAT job of explaining everything to us and let us throw a few balls.  Thanks to Jordyne for helping out!  GO PROWLERS...

Casey and Cooper taught us about baseball.  We learned about the equipment, the different types of pitches, and how to bat!!  Wow, did they do an AWESOME job!!!  They even let us try to bat and throw the ball.  We had a great time.  We forgot to go to recess....YIKES!!!

Casey and Cooper showing us how to pitch and catch.  GO PROWLERS!!!

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