Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last day of third grade...

We were just getting ready for the park.  Robert made a sign that says, "THIRD GRADE ROCKS!!"

This is our crazy side???  Gotta love it!!!

We wrote messages on the whiteboard on the last day.  It was nice to look at when I was working in the classroom!  I certainly miss my third graders already.  I hope you are having a GREAT beginning of summer break!!!  Remember to write to Mrs. Helling this summer.  I hope to see you all sometime soon!!!  Have fun with friends, smile a lot, and read!!! 

A couple more music photos...

This group wrote a poem about a rat!!!

Best buds!!!

Music Informance Day...

Don Gato, the cat!!  (Brady Kasprick)

A group of students performing some poetry with instruments.

A group of students performing some poetry.

They sound sooooo..awesome!!!

Karleen and Koen after the program.  Pretty fancy!!

Bo is signing Poetry Anthology Books after the informance.  He signed 27 of them with his favorite color!!!  YIKES!!!

Still playing kazoos!!!!!

This is Ann and Grandma Audrey!  Aren't they beautiful!

The program is over--now what?  The girls wanted Brynn's little brother to spend the day at school!!  They are so sweet!

THANKS for the great program!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bunnies Welcome...

Robert and his mom, Renee rescued a baby bunny a few days ago.  They brought it to Challenger to share today, as it is doing really well.  His mom fed it some goat's milk when it was in our classroom.  We hope it grows into a big healthy rabbit.  THANKS for sharing, Robert!!!  

Robert shared some facts on raising this bunny!

Monday, May 20, 2013

What A Surprise....

This baby deer was in our yard when I came home from school today.  It has a baby brother or sister nearby.  My neighbor said that the mom got spooked and will hopefully come back to get her baby.  Isn't he beautiful.  We can't touch him and I worry about him getting cold from the rain and hoping that my neighbor's dog stays far, far away.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Egg Drop...

We had our "first" ever Egg Drop on Friday.  The students brought the most creative and clever items for their egg dropping project.  As you can see below, we had so many unique kinds of materials.  Some of the students brought "extra" to share with others.  Aren't we a TRUE family???  We had 25/28 eggs survive their trip.  It was a BLAST!!!  Treats for everyone on Monday!!! 

I might not win, but I sure am fancy!!!

And the winner is... We had an AMAZING time!!!


Valley Home Comes To Challenger...

Some of our friends from Valley Home came for a tour last Wednesday.  They had a GREAT time,  led on a tour of Challenger by the students.  The residents thought that we were so lucky to have such a nice school!!  It was a good learning experience for both the residents and the students.  We ended in our classroom for poetry, punch, and cookies.  We will forever remember our dear friends and hope to visit them at Valley Home over the summer.   

We shared some information about iPads to our friends at Valley Home.  They really liked the slideshow in the background on the Smartboard.  They found slides of themselves, too!   

We are in the Media Center here.  They couldn't believe how big it was and  how many books we have!!!

Ms. Heikkila was so AMAZING!!!  She let us perform two songs from our Informance.  We were so good!!!  THANKS!!!
Connie and Robert.  He is the "Purple People Eater".

We are serving them punch, coffee, and cookies.

Derek is reading some poetry to his resident.

Ann and her resident are looking at her Poetry Anthology Book.

Joyce is listening to Lydia and Mattea read some poetry.  She was hoping to take the girls back to Valley Home with her.  She was so "sweet". 

This is Lois, the leader at Valley Home.  We gave her a card and a little present!  We couldn't do this without her!!!!  THANKS!!!  YOU ROCK, LOIS!!!

This is my Aunt Gloria and Robert.  She helps Mrs. Benson and myself every time we go to Valley Home.  They were in charge of the treats!!!

We made them a poster to take back to all the residents that couldn't come to Challenger.  We wrote about our FAVORITE part of Valley Home and shared some pictures with them.  We hope they LOVED it.  We walked them out to their bus and said our good-byes.  We just love them so much. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Prowler Boys Tennis

The seniors from the Prowler Boys Tennis Team came for Prowler Pride today, along with Coach Engelstad.  They did an AWESOME job talking about their tennis team and upcoming season finale.  They brought along some of their tennis rackets and talked to us about tennis, school, and their future plans.  You could tell that they really LOVED tennis.  We wish them Good Luck next week at sections!!!!  GO PROWLERS!!! 

Katheryn works with Sam's mom and wanted to have a picture with him.  We surprised Mrs. Olson with one, too! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kids In The Community...

Claire and Jadyn helped the third graders today.  We had so much fun with them.  They came from Franklin Middle School as part of a service project.   We hope they had fun with us!   THANKS, girls!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bemidji Headwaters Center...

Third graders went on a field trip to Bemidji Headwaters Science Center on Monday!  We had a FANTASTIC time and learned a lot!  We had a Raptor's demonstration and saw an owl, a red-tailed hawk, and a falcon.  They were just AMAZING.  We were GREAT listeners and asked really good questions.  Many of the students held snakes, bunnies, chicks, and tarantulas.  YIKES!!!  Mrs. Helling's camera will never be the same with all the snake pictures.  (By the way, none of them were hanging around Mrs. Helling's neck!)  I am so proud of the students.  They were just perfect!  This will be a GREAT memory!  A "thank-you" to our volunteers: 
Carna, Alanna, Jana, Mike, Chad, Fran, and Tina. 

Bo LOVED the bunny!!!

This snake was too close to Brady!  Look at his smile!!!

Baby chicks are everywhere!!!

Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles...

Brynn's eyes were as large as the owl's. 

Mrs. Helling just loved the owl.  Look how close she got!!

Cody was tryiing to look like a raptor!!!  Cool, huh!

I wonder how that works?

Did Nolan see a real bear in the cave?  It was sooooo dark!

The face of a GREAT day!!!!!