Friday, December 29, 2017

Flashlight Friday...

We had Flashlight Friday and PJ Day today!  We had a great time reading with friends in our pajamas...hope everyone has a WONDERFUL vacation.  

Who Can Create the TALLEST tower with legos?

Prowler Pride at Challenger...

The Prowler wrestlers came to share their talents this week to third graders at Challenger.  They did an AWESOME job of speaking about wrestling, their school experiences, and even showed us their FAVORITE moves on the mats!  We LOVED it!!!  GO PROWLERS!!!

Music Informance

We did an AMAZING job at our program!!

Valley Home Memory...

I received an envelope this week that was a wonderful surprise.  A lady from Warroad shared a letter and other items with myself and a former student about the passing of her mother this past fall.  She wanted my student to have the book back that she had made for her mother and also sent an amazing letter of what it meant to her mom.  It really confirmed to me why we visit, learn from the residents' lives,share our talents, and become great friends with the residents of Valley Home,  It is certainly a community experience that can't be taught.  We continue to build relationships with these AMAZING people in our community.  They give us so much...THANK YOU.

Prowler Pride at Challenger

The Prowler Senior Girls Hockey players came to Challenger last week to talk to third graders about hockey!  They did an AMAZING job and shared many things about their hockey experiences, school, and their college plans.  GO PROWLERS!!!

Coach Johnson shared his 1st year experience as the Prowler Hockey coach!  THANKS for taking time to talk to the third graders at Challenger!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Student of the Week...

McKenna is this week's Student of the Week.  Some of her favorites things are the colors pink and blue, chicken alfredo, cat and dolphin, Don't Laugh At Me, music, gym, and recess.  Her favorite things at home are reading and watching you tube.  She is a star because she helps her sister when she is sick.  McKenna helps others by asking Brooke to play with her at recess.  Three things we may not know about her is that her family is from Wisconsin, is the youngest in her family, and her family LOVES the Green Bay Packers.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Ms. Kylie's LAST day...

This was Ms. Kylie's last day in third grade.  We had a little party for her with Root Beer Floats!!!  We gave her a "teacher bag" full of supplies that she will need for her first job!  We know that she will visit us often.  She was simply amazing!!!  We will miss her.

Student of the Week...

This week's Student of the Week is Thea.  She is a triplet...her brothers are Tyler and Taylor.  Some of her favorites are the colors teal and coral, cats and rabbits, spaghetti, Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, dance, spelling, handwriting, and dancing and coloring at home.  She is a star because she is funny.  She shows others she cares by helping out.  Three things you may not know about Thea are that she is a triplet, that she has been in a demo, and that she LOVES to dance.  When she grows up, she wants to be a judge.  GREAT JOB, Thea!  Your poster was awesome.    

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Working on our community projects...

Final Community Projects...

Urban Community

Suburban Community

Rural Community

We worked very hard on our community projects and shared them with many people around Challenger.  We learned how to work together as a team and figure things out with the materials provided.  THANKS to everyone that brought items to was a GREAT community project.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Communitiy Groups in the Planning...

Rural Community
Urban Community

Suburban Community

Readers Theater...

These friends presented a Readers Theater entitled, Our New Home.  They did an AMAZING job of telling us the story of immigration.  We LOVED it!!!  THANKS for the wonderful job!!!

NEW Third Grade Friends...

This is Sophia.  She came to our classroom from Oklahoma!  We are so HAPPY to have her in our classroom.  She is really smart!!!

This is Peyton.  She came to our classroom from Hastings!  We are so HAPPY to have her in our classroom!  She LOVES to read!!! 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Communities Unit...

Ms. Kylie is working on a Communities Project with our class.  We are learning about rural, suburban, and urban.  The students are learning so many AMAZING things!!!