Monday, April 29, 2013


We are learning some challenging multiplication problems with the use of  lattice and also the traditional (short-cut) method.  We are really getting good at it!  You will see it A LOT for homework!!!

Here is Abby trying a difficult one on the board, using the lattice method.  SHe did an AMAZING job!   Trevor tried the same problem using the short-cut way.  They got the same answer!  YEAH!!!

These girls are REALLY concentrating!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


We received our very own larva on Friday!  This is what the larvae live in until they become a chrysalis-about 7 days or so.  The students had a chance to name them and log them in their Butterfly Journal.  They will continue to observe their own larva in different stages and log their experiences.  We hope to hang each chrysalis in the butterfly net and watch them change into beautiful butterflies.  We will share our progress on the blog.  YEAH FOR BUTTERFLIES!!!!!   

Butterfly Log (sample)

Alex and Derek are busy observing their larvae.

Brady is so excited to have his VERY own larva.  Can't you tell!!!

Aidan is checking out to see if his larva is eating or sleeping???

Prowler Girls Golf Team

These senior golfers did an AMAZING job for Prowler Pride.  They are a class act!  I had Brooke Anderson (middle girl) in third grade.  She hasn't changed a bit!!!  I am soooo... proud of her and how she is a a great student and leader for our school!!!  GO PROWLER GOLF TEAM AND COACH DELZER!!!!!  YOU ROCK!!!!!

This is Coach Delzer.  She always does a great job getting our students to see the importance of school and sports.  I bet she is sooooo...PROUD of her team.      

Friday, April 26, 2013

MCA Testing Today!!!

We each drank a dixie cup of Mrs. Helling's "secret" brain juice recipe and recited the pledge below.  We  TOTALLY rocked on the test today!!!


Today I will take a test
And I will not be AFRAID
I will certainly do my BEST
Because I am very SMART today!!!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More Pet Visits...

Jeanne brought her dog to school for a visit.  Bo is helping her out. 

Aidan brought his dog to school  for "Student of the Week".

This is Ann, her dad, and her cat, Piano.  What a COOL name!!!    

Friday, April 19, 2013

Visitors Today!!!

Faye Rouland and her grandaughter brought Bella for Karleen to share today!  They also had Root Beer Floats with us for Aidan's birthday.  THANKS for them, Aidan!!

Grandma Darleen really LOVES puppies!

Karleen brought Bella for share time today!  Can't you tell that they REALLY like each other!!
I think our entire class just LOVES animals!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

iPads In Our Classroom

This group was working on Spelling City.

Can you tell they are practicing their multiplication facts? Would anyone like to play BINGO???

This group found a cool site on states and capitals.

These boys are working soooooo hard!!!

This group found a new site for multiplication facts.  Look at them go!!!

Biography Poster Project

Robert, Koen, Ann, Kaylee

Abby, Jeanne, Cody, Aidan

Trevor, Piper, Linzie, Gerret

Brynn, Nolan, Brady, Lydia

Morgan, Mattea, Blaine, Derek, Bowen

Giselle, Katheryn, Karleen, Waylon, Alex
Our class finished our Biography Reports last week.  Aren't they just AWESOME!!!  We learned how to take notes, organize information in a timeline format, and learned a lot about an important person in history.  We also shared them with another class at Challenger.  I was sooooo very proud of their work!    I can't wait for you to see them.  ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013