Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"Teach The Class" Day...

Jayanna taught us how to hula hoop...WOW, was she talented!  

Keegan gave us a fishing demonstration and lesson about different kinds of bait!  He did an AWESOME job of teaching!  Good Luck Fishing!!!

Jordyne shared her demonstration on bracelet making.  She did a REALLY cool type of bracelet.  Many of her friends made some, too!  Thanks for bringing the supplies!!!

Friday, May 26, 2017

"Teach the Class" Day...

Cooper shared his recipe on rice krispie bars today!  He did a great demonstration and gave everyone a sample to taste!  He was so well prepared!  THANKS!

Lunch with the Challenger Principals...

Mikaleena won a McDonalds lunch with Mr. Marolt, Mr. Wienen, and Mr. Loe on the roof of Challenger School. She had an AMAZING time!!! 
Here are friends enjoying a lunch on the roof of Challenger!!!

Bemidji Headwaters Science Center Trip...

We are on our way...

This was our Raptor's Demonstration.  It was AWESOME...We learned about different birds that are kept at the Science Center due to certain issues.  

This is Casey...he was a part of the experiment on raptors!!! 

"Teach The Class" Day...Melissa

Melissa taught the class how to make bracelets.  She invitied everyone to make one, too!  She had so many AMAZING colors...thanks!

Casey showed us how to grill.  He took a video from his home and did an AMAZING job!  He showed us how to start the grill (with dad's help), shared safety issues with it, and cooked chicken and vegetables before our very own eyes!  We think he should do more videos on teaching things, as he was so AWESOME!!!   

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

"Teach The Class" Today...

Briley made a Minnow Catcher today.  He shared how he made it and all the supplies that he needed to have it a success.  He promised that if you made one, you would be sure to CATCH the big fish!!!

Destiny demonstrated how to make a cat toy for us today!  She even supplied us each with our own kit to make.  We had a BLAST making them.  I think some may become fishing poles!!!  THANKS for letting us all be a part of your demonstration, Destiny!!!  

Noah made Saturn and Earth with styrofoam balls, some paint, and cardboard for the rings.  He shared many facts about Saturn and how it takes 95 Earths to be the same size as  Saturn.  He LOVES the  solar system and will probably be a scientist someday!  Way to go, Noah!!!

Adrianne and Khloe made pretzels in their Easy Bake Ovens today!  They did an AMAZING job and were very organized.  They demonstrated making the dough, butter, and salted and baked for 12 minutes.  Some of their friends got to sample the pretzels and said they were delicious!!!  Good teamwork!!

Will demonstrated how to make a Peanut Butter/Jelly sandwich.  He did a GREAT job and ate the whole sandwich when he was done.  This would be a good snack for him to have if he is home alone for a bit!