Tuesday, March 20, 2018

"Nurses For A Day"

We had an AMAZING time at the college with the nursing students.  They were just awesome...we learned so much.  At the end, we took a photo together with our crazy balloon hats!!!
THANKS for allowing us to visit your program.  Maybe we will be nurses or doctors someday!!!  WE LOVED IT!!!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Student of the Week...

Zander is this week's "Student of the Week".  Some of his favorite things are the color

Music in Mrs. Helling's Room...Z

Zander shared his talent for guitar playing with our classroom today!  He did an AMAZING job sharing two songs.  He is taking lessons from his dad and we hope to have him play for us, too!  AWESOME JOB, ZANDER!!!

PI Day at Challenger...

It was PI Day in third grade...we measured a lot of things to learn more about PI.  We also had an Oatmeal Cookie  Pie from Mr. Froiland , the math teacher at LHS.  They were just awesome!!!
THANKS to Mr. Froiland for teaching us about so many different possibilities in learning math skills!  We even wrote some of the PI Formula...wow!!!