Saturday, May 17, 2014

Student of the Week...

Kayla Stage is this week's Student of the Week.  She did a great job telling us about her poster and brought her VERY special bunny with her.  Kayla LOVES school and has a lot of favorite things.  Her favorite color is blue, she loves swimming, pizza, dogs (Just like Mrs. Helling), gym, music, and recess.  Her favorite book is Junie B. Jones.  She loves to help her friends and she LOVES the school lunches.  When she grows up, she wants to be in track and hopes that Mrs. Johnson is her coach.  She won 3 blue ribbons in the Special Olympics track meet in Warroad a week ago.  She was so proud of that.  YEAH, KAYLA!!!  Three things you may not know about Kayla are: that she is a good swimmer, loves animals, and misses her friend, Issac a lot.  You did a great job on your poster, Kayla!!!    

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