Monday, May 12, 2014

Farm Trip to Melbye's...

On Thursday, May 15th our class will go to Blake Melbye's farm west of Thief River Falls.  We will be gone from about 11:45-2:15pm.  It is encouraged to wear pants, tennis shoes or water boots, and a sweatshirt.  We will go unless it is raining.  The bus will take us there and pick us up.  We will tour the farm, learn about the different animals, and have a snack (surprise!!).  It will be a GREAT day!

We will learn about different animals and ADawn and Blake made a list of specific proper animal names for us to talk about before we arrive.  We will add these to our Spelling Notebook, too! 
Here is the list ...

Ewe - female sheep
Ram - male sheep
Sow - female pig
Barrow- male pig
Lamb - baby sheep
Foal - baby horse
Piglet - baby pig
Mare - female horse
Gelding - male horse
Hen - female chicken
Rooster - male chicken 

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