Monday, April 28, 2014

Student of the Week...

This is Jillian Weets.  She is this week's Student of the Week.  She has one sister named Jenna and a dog named Marley.  Some of her favorites are: the color yellow, monkeys, popcorn (LOVES IT), Junie B. Jones books, gymnastics, art for Valley Home residents, and being on the trampoline.  She is a star because she works hard and always tries her BEST!  Jillian is a great helper to everyone, especially Mrs. Helling and a nice friend.  When she grows up, she would like to be a teacher or a vet.  Three cool facts about her are that she has been to Florida twice, absolutely LOVES shopping, and loves dance and gymnastics.  She also shared a funny story about walking her dog one day, or did the dog walk you, Jillian?  She did an AWESOME job of speaking and she smiled so much.  THANKS for being you!!!    

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