Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ms. Johnson's THIRD GRADE class brought in 302 items for the TRF Food Shelf in March.  Our entire school at Challenger brought in 2020 food items.  GOOD JOB, CHALLENGER...
Look for this to be on WDAZ News at 6pm and 10pm tonight!!

Mr. Marolt being duct taped by Mrs. Prickett's class with PINK tape.  

Here is Mr. Wienen after he was duct taped by Ms. Johnson's class with ORANGE duct tape.  He was speechless, OR maybe couldn't speak!!!

We LOVED watching our third grade friends with Mr. Wienen all taped up!  It was a great challenge and an AMAZING way to make TRF proud of our students and families at Challenger.  THANKS SO MUCH!

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