Sunday, January 26, 2014

Student of the Week...

This week's Studdent of the Week is Noah Haugen.  He has one brother named Gabe and a dog named Hershey.  Some of his favorites are: lime green, dogs, horses, taco pizza, swimming, art, recess, and playing outside.  He considers himself special because he is a great friend.  (Yes, you are!!) :)  Three things you may not know about him are that he is learning to play guitar, he has 2 dogs and 1 horse, and that he helps his mom cook!!!  Thanks for being an AWESOME student, Noah!!  Below are some pictures of when he brought his dog, Hershey to share. 

Noah is showing us how his dog, Hershey does tricks.  Noah's mom brought along a few treats!!!

Noah let Ivar try it.  He did a great job.  Hershey kept listening to Ivar tell us a story! 

This is Noah and Hershey!!

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