Friday, January 3, 2014

Prowler Girls Basketball...

Coach Loe and the captains (Madison, Brooke, and Courtney) of the Girls Basketball Team came to Challenger today to talk to us about Prowler Pride.  They shared things about school, teamwork, and the success of the team right now.  They did an AMAZING job of teaching the students about how to be PROUD of being a PROWLER and that being a part of something is so important.  They were just great role models today!  By the way, Madison Brekke was a third grader in my classroom and she was taller than me by the end of third grade!!!  YIKES...   
We asked so many great questions today.  I bet that Coach Loe was very impressed!

Coach Loe took a picture of our class, Ms. Johnson's class, and the girls!  LOOK at all of the Prowler Pride in this room!!!

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