Monday, April 17, 2017


Can you tell that Otto has been to my school before...he was being an AWESOME teacher.  He had a great time entertaining my students.  He sure LOVES the pointer and had control of the students!!!  I think he had a fun time.  "It was the BEST day ever," one student said!!!  

Braylee and Ole...she LOVES babies!!

Parker and Ole...they like to laugh a lot!!

Keegan and Ole

Jordyne and Ole

Cooper and Ole...he likes his desk!

Brenna and Ole...she got him to laugh right away!

Khloe and Ole...he wanted her lip gloss!!

Angel and Ole...he knew that Ole was ticklish...

Ole and Adrienne...what smiles!

Jett and Ole...showing him a pencil!

Dominyc and Ole

Keigan and Ole

McKenzie and Ole...he pulled her long hair!

James and Ole

Destiny and Ole

Otto and the girls...

Mikaleena and Ole...he was so interested in her things inside her desk!

Jayanna and Ole...he just LOVED all of the kids.  Some were just not interested in holding a baby!  THANKS to his mom and dad that shared him with our class.  Otto and Ole TOTALLY made their day  today at Challenger!!!

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