Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Student of the Week...

Our Student of the Week is Alec.  He lives in the town of St. Hilaire and gets a ride to school with his mom each day.  His middle name is James after his grandpa.   He has three AWESOME sisters and wants to be an athlete when he grows up!  He is a star because he is a "Dalager" and works hard.  He tries to help others and makes them feel better.  Some of his favorites are the color blue, deer, pizza, Harry Potter books, football, reading, and playing football with his dad.  Three things you may not know about Alec are that this is his 1st year as a wrestler, he loves hockey, plays center, and is jersey #11.   Lastly, his favorite team is the Gophers and he was even able to go to a game earlier this year with his dad.  Great Job, Alec!  We LOVED all of your photos.         

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