Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Valley Home Visit...

We made cards for the Veterans that are living at Valley Home.  There were 11 in all.  We were able to meet them and shake their hands.  Here is a photo of Sophia and Harry.  He was very grateful! 

Owen made a card for Fred, his new resident friend.  Fred was very grateful and proud to be a part of Veteran's Day.  He and Owen are beginning a wonderful relationship.

This is Jackson and his new friend at Valley Home.  They had a great visit today!

Alec and his grandfather, Jim work together on projects at Valley Home.  Alec made a special card for his grandfather for Veteran's Day.  It is so much fun to see them together. 

Andraya and her resident sharing their project. They had a wonderful conversation.  She learned a lot about third grade at Challenger. 

Gannon's mom, Mya joined us as a volunteer today!  THANKS!!

Hallie and her resident friend were just about to play a game of cards.

Jackson did a great job on the owl project.  They had just the BEST time.

Gracy was reading a biography to her resident friend. 

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