Monday, April 6, 2015

Student of the Week...

This week's Student of the Week is Summer Fortuno.  She lives with her parents, her little brother, and her grandparents.  Isn't she so lucky?  She wants to be a video game designer when she grows up.  Some of her favorites are blue, yellow, black, brown, popcorn, chicken noddle sop, volleyball, basketball, dogs, horses, math, reading, gym, and music.  Her favorite book is Bark George! and her favorite thing to do at home is play with friends, eat, play computer, read, and draw.  THree things about her are that she plays piaon, has a dog, and LOVES any animals and bugs!!  She is a star because she is a big sister and helps her parents with chores.  She had a cool photo from Hawaii.  THANKS for the awesome poster!! 

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