Thursday, October 23, 2014

Valley Home Visit...

My wonderful teacher friend, Mrs. McGeary  helped our class today at Valley Home!  She is also Jordan's grandma and so it was a very special day.  What a great photo!!!

Kennett and his resident making the Halloween project.

Kaleb and Bill are working together on the art project.

There was a lot of cutting and glueing going on at this table.  Annabelle was having so much fun!!!

Jordan and Joyce made a good team.  They were working so hard. 

Here is Tyler with Grandma Darlene.  She waits for us to come and walks us to the bus.  We miss her so much at Challenger.  She has a good partner in Tyler.

Kemper and his resident were working together on their project.  He was so proud of his art project. 

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