Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Challenger Book Fair...

The Challenger Book Fair is here from September 29-October 3rd.  We will visit on Tuesday from 8:20-8:40am and on Wednesday from 10:20-10:40am.  If you send money on another day, we will make sure your child gets to pick out a book! 
John was the lucky winner of a GREAT Book-Fair book!!!  Congratulations...
These girls are checking out the diaries on this table.  They are soooooo cool!!!

Blake and Kemper were busy looking at the Mindcraft Series.  I hope that they can 
purchase one this week!!

Carlie and Sophia were very interested in the Science Center.  I hope to get some of these National Geographic books in our classroom.  The students seem to LOVE them!

Ryder, Tyler, and Jordan were busy looking at some NEW chapter books.  Tyler later found one to purchase.  Happy Reading...

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