Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A visit to Challenger...

Did you ever think you would have a sheep and her little lamb visit Challenger?  Our class didn't, but Blake and his mom made it possible!!!  We met Sandy and little Minnie this morning in the bus parking lot at Challenger.  It was the BEST time ever.  We were able to learn about these animals, touch their fur, see their teeth, watch them eat, and see that Mini really LOVED her mom, just like us!!!  It was a blast!  We didn't even care that it was chilly outside.  Neither did the animals.  Hope you enjoy the photos...

Blake and his mom showing us Minnie's teeth.  She was very cooperative!  SMILE!
Bell and Jillian were having a GREAT time petting the sheep's wool.  It was so thick and soft!!!  I think Jillian wants to take one home!!!
Blake and Adawn were sharing some information with us about Sandy and Minnie.  They were so much fun to watch.  They arrived in a special trailer, with some special straw for bedding, and a pail of grain to eat.  YUM!!!
This is the whole class taking a photo with the animals!  We LOVED every minute of this... THANKS so much to Blake and his mom for making this happen.  It was the BEST time ever...

Here are some things we learned:
This kind of sheep is called a Rambouillet.
They only have teeth on the bottom of their mouths, not on the top!
They are covered in wool.  It keeps them from getting wet.  It's like "waterproof".
Lambs can gain up to 2 pounds a day!
Minnie was born on January 1st at 8 pounds.
The bottom of their skin is like lotion.  It is called lanolin.
They live in straw (yellow) and they eat hay (green).

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