Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Valley Home Visit...

This is Jillian and Grandma Darlene.  Aren't they just a beautiful pair!  They had so much fun making a Gingerbread House together.  Grandma is living at Valley Home right now.  She is walking with a walker and is getting much better since having a car accident.  Grandma got at least 26 hugs last Friday!  She was so happy to see us.  We miss you Grandma Darlene.  You are the best!!!  Hope to see you soon!!

This is Kyra and her resident.  They got to work together for the first time today.  They made an AWESOME Gingerbread House together.  I think Kyra got to see her room, too.  It was a great time for them!!  They look so happy!!!

This is Bell and her Great Aunt.  She just moved to Valley Home about a week or so aga.  It was the BEST time for them to work together and talk about their family.  Aren't they just a beautiful pair.  Love their smiles...

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